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Participate as a donor to the "Confine | Border" project, to support new cultural initiatives and help us to tell art differently. We want to transform what we do not like into something beautiful and to learn to look beyond the surface.


If the theme of the photo contest of contemporary photography has an important cultural and social value for you, you can support the project according to your possibilities, how much and how you want. You can thus be part of a project, not stopping at observation, but actively participating in it.


The "Confine | Border" project is also developed through writing, theater, music and dance. During the exhibition there will be performances by artists who will interpret the theme "Confine | Border".


It is possible to support the contemporary photography prize by booking the ADG 2019 catalog at a special price:

Catalogue ADG 2019 /con·fì·ne/

29,00 €

Once the catalog for the exhibition has been created and printed, you can collect it directly during the exhibition or receive it by mail.

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5,00 €

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